Summers Decline


 Summer falls from us

Sipping rose tea heedlessly

As the dark creeps in 

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Meeting Boundaries


We stand in the middle of a world we feel we know, and within the known we can relax and soften. It feels relatively predictable and safe this known world we inhabit.  Yet pushing in around the edges of this comfortable world is the unknown, the new, the yet to be encountered. This boundary or edge between the known and the unknown presents us with choices and opportunities, but can also bring fear or unease. It marks a line between the firm ground of certainty and the shifting waters of new states and possibilities. 

When we find ourselves at the boundary of the new and unknown, we usually pause, at least for a moment, to asses what we might be stepping into. Sometimes the shift feels like too much of a challenge and we might prefer to stay on the firm dry earth of certainty. We plant our feet firmly and refuse to move forwards. Learning how to cross these boundaries with confidence can allow us to grow and expand our awareness, and prevent us becoming stuck in old outdated patterns. 

At other times we might plunge in happily, full of excitement and expectation. Usually when life has been going well and has been fairly predictable, crossing into the unknown will feel like an exciting adventure. However if life has been throwing us some unforeseen curve balls, crossing the boundary of the known will feel far more of a challenge, and might even be met with a refusal. How are you feeling about the edges of the unknown in your life at the moment? Are you ready to get your feet wet and allow your world to expand?

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Autumn Balance

The Equinox has come and gone, and yet summer light lingers on in soft warm pools. Shimmering within translucent pink petals, and in long streaks between the shadows. The light is low and long, reaching in and below awareness, touching surprising angles, and all the time winter is hovering at the edges. In the mornings the light is too thin to keep the mist and frost at bay, and slowly the summers flowers are falling into decay. Look closely and you will see the unraveling edges of the year, and yet in the full bright light of midday, summers beauty still holds sway.

late summer flowers The bees and butterflies stumble on between flowers, nectar drunk beyond caring that the balance of the year has tipped. Drinking in this dream laced light we might forget too, that winter is brooding within the dark heart of the deepening shadows. She is patient and can wait for this last flurry of petals and perfume. But the balance has tipped and there is more darkness than light in the day, and we lit candles last night for the first time since Spring. All good things must come to an end, to make way for the next wave of beauty and change, but just for a week or two it’s as though we have held off the turning of the year.  Lost in a dream of endless summer light…..

…..we almost forget that we need balance. To dip into winters darkness sweetens the growing light of spring to come. Like the flowers we can regather our energies and reserves as we turn inwards into winters quiet space to think, emerging refreshed and ready to grow again once winter passes. The balance lies in the soft steady rythm of the change. Can you embrace the balancing act or will you resist?

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Connection to Self

Sometimes when the noise and activity of life becomes too much, it’s good to turn away from it all and head to the hills. To walk further and further from the demands and needs of the world of others, and to slip unnoticed into the green wilderness of nature. To leave behind all those things we must remember to do, and to just walk and breath, it’s such a treat. 

To disconnect from others is to come back into connection with earth and her wild soothing energy. Perhaps out here among the flowers and the mountains and the animals we can find our place again. We can stop being pulled and tugged by others, and we can start to settle comfortably back into our bodies and our own feelings. Feeling our own breath and our own hearts, we can relax into our own unique rythm and we can come to know ourselves once more.

We might find a companion or two who view the world in the same way we do. Others who delight in beauty and nature and who are quite content to spend an entire morning focusing on just one beautiful detail of the world. Others who walk at the same pace, and whose breath has a rythm which fits delightfully with our own.

By disconnecting from others we can come back into connection with ourself. We can notice and know ourselves again, and from this self connected space we can reach back into genuine and nourishing connection with others. We can chose to weave connections which make us happy….. And did you know….happiness is contagious!

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The Rainbow Sea

Have you ever looked at rainbows in the sky and wondered where they come from? Well if you follow me today I’ll show you. I’ll take you to the edge of the rainbow sea, where the colours form and merge beneath the cloud teased Coulin. In this space, where peat soaked fresh water pours from heather clad mountains into the ebb and flow of the salty sandy golden bay, every colour ever dreamed swirls before our eyes. Layers of colour within one body of water, held in the cupped palm of a beautiful Skye bay. When conditions are right, and there are just enough dreams in the air, the colours begin to lift into the air. The reach higher and higher towards the sun, forming an elegant shimmering arch. And along this arched bridge the Gods can move, sending granted wishes earthwards on butterfly wings of the dead. It’s pure magic, stirred as only nature know how, but don’t tell everyone…..let’s keep the rainbow sea a secret, or everyone will be after its gold.

For my fact lovers, this was taken in Ashaig Bay on a late cloud infused afternoon. The light slipping through the clouds created the stunning colours in the shallow waters where fresh water the colour of strong tea swirled into the sea….

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Dramatic Endings

Fire and brimstone accompanied by thunderous claps marked the end of the Edinburgh International Festival, the very end of August and probably the end of summer. It was a dramatic statement in smoke and light, tumbling over the ancient volcanic rocks of Edinburgh Castle, while a symphony orchestra played its heart out, striving to be heard over the running ribbon of bangs from the fireworks. If you’re going to do an ending, this is certainly one way to make it memorable, stunning the audience with awesome brilliance for all the senses. 

There was something utterly timeless about this rather dramatic ending. All that smoke and gunpowder stirring long slumbering memories of battles, sieges and warfare fought along these ramparts in centuries past. The noise was certain to have woken all the sleepy ghosts of Edinburghs turbulent past, along with all of her current guests and residents. Visible from all seven of Edinburghs hills, this light and sound spectacular has become a traditional marker of these endings, a reminder that all good things will end. The drama and colour of Edinburghs August will give way to more subtle and subdued streets, filled with earnest students returning to their books and coffee.  

 Yet among the turmoil and change of beginnings and endings, some things will endure. Solid as stone and just as certain, Edinburgh Castle watches over her city, through each season and collection of visitors and residents. As summer ends and begins her slide towards autumns fruits, remember to look for the solid unchanging ground which holds our worlds stable, from the inside and out….. find your enduring patient Castle Rock, and let the fireworks dazzle then fade. Let the change roll around you and through, and yet you endure, as the breath rolls in and out of your body. 

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Reflective Isle

Floating somewhere off the western coast of Scotland, and lapped by the salty sea, an enchanted isle drifts. Sometimes shrouded in soft mist and clouds, sometimes revealed by light, it captures the heart and lures us closer. There are many old tales of the voyages of brave heroes and saints who took to the waves in search of the treasures of the magical otherworld and its fairies. Perhaps this is Tir nan Og, the fabled Land of Youth where spring hides from winters grasp, and Angus Og sings to the birds of the love in his heart….

But don’t wait too long, in a moment the tide will turn and the light will vanish and with it all the magic. Go now in this moment as the thought flows through your head trailing magical threads in beautiful patterns among the paths and waves of your mind.

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