Tissue Paper Dreams


Winter light shines through
Last years tissue paper dreams
Revealing the holes


About greenmackenzie

Hi, I'm Seonaid, and I share my home on the shores of Loch Ness deep in the Scottish Highlands with my husband, my son and a couple of dogs. I love art which is here now and gone tomorrow...like food and nature...but also have a passion for vintage and the ancient past! Nature is my favourite muse, with her wild ever shifting seasons. I have been using and teaching mindfulness and relaxation for over 12 years, and have yet to become any sort of expert :-) I'm a Psychotherapist and Cancer Support Specialist in Maggies Highlands
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31 Responses to Tissue Paper Dreams

  1. Lovely words and images, Seonaid. Those dried leaves, like our dreams are so fragile.

  2. ladyfi says:

    So ethereal and gorgeous!

  3. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Honesty is beautiful right to the very end!

  4. It really does have a dream-like feel to it, the photo. Words follow suit!

  5. LB says:

    simple beauty, words and photos

  6. poppytump says:

    … many more dreams to come with the forthcoming season’s renewal …
    Intriguing symbolism in your Haiku Seonaid and such delicacy in your images of dried Honesty seed cases. Lovely.

    • Winter weathered honesty…..helps to shed fresh light on dreams.
      Some we let go, and others spring to life in the growing light….spring brushed colour across the earth here today Poppy 🙂

  7. Uncle Tree says:

    What Nature puts together, Time rents asunder.
    A delicacy – a momentous shot, Seonaid. 🙂

  8. ♡eM says:

    There’s such spiritual symbolism in your haiku. I’ve read it thrice now, and have experienced such awe anew each time. Beautiful!

    • Thank you for letting me know, the fact that you have read it thrice is a wonderful compliment in itself…..but I’m so delighted that you have uncovered layers of meaning which touch you. I love the challenge of haiku writing, using so few words to convey something deep 🙂

  9. Some of the dreams look like butterflies, ready to take off. Perhaps we are in for some unexpected surprises here, a few of the old dreams coming true finally? Amazing photos, very inspiring post!

  10. Amy says:

    Love the light shine through, Seonaid! Beautiful poem.

  11. There is a crack in everything…that’s how the light gets in (Leonard Cohen). Creative photography and words, Seonaid.

  12. restlessjo says:

    So pretty, Seonaid, especially the close ups 🙂

  13. I really like this piece, both the poetry and picture 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  14. Blü says:

    I really connect with the profound simplicity in your words.

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