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Happy Soul

   On days when I’m happy all the way down into my boots, I find smiling faces all around me wherever I look. Even on the floor of the woods as I’m walking the dogs, looking down, a little cheery … Continue reading

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Connection to Self

   Sometimes when the noise and activity of life becomes too much, it’s good to turn away from it all and head to the hills. To walk further and further from the demands and needs of the world of others, … Continue reading

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Shadows of Self

In Winter the shadows draw in around us, we notice them more and we yearn for the light of Summer. In psychotherapy we speak about the shadow, and it’s a wonderful metaphor which Jung came up with to describe the … Continue reading

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Caribbean Commute

Whenever we go away on holiday, we take time to notice the locals and their lifestyles. Sitting sipping coffee in the morning we watched many locals drive to work across the blue bay in front of our Barbados hotel. It … Continue reading

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Contrasting Textures of Time

This beautiful weathered fence post has been in place at the edge of this field for many years. We know this by noticing the lines in the wood which have been enhanced and deepened slowly by the passage of time. … Continue reading

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Tidal Shift

Watching the shifting tide move in and out across the shore is a great reminder of the steady rhythm of change deep at the heart of our own lives. We know at some level that life is a flow of … Continue reading

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Stone Wrinkles

Formed at the base of a warm coral filled sea, these beautiful wrinkled rocks proudly show us their marks of time. Once lapped by salty waves, they sit now high on a mountainside on the Isle of Skye. Far to … Continue reading

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Spring Tales

Walk with me a while, beneath the creamy blossom trees, and I’ll tell you a tale or two about Spring and her vibrant magic. She stretches her arms wide, and pushes the cold and the darkness out to the edges … Continue reading

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Spring Bounce

The sudden increase in sunshine, and the lengthening of the days produces a definite effect on all of us. As the flowers pop open all around us, and the sap rises in the trees, we can all feel a little … Continue reading

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Winters Bones

We walked out along a line of Beech trees, and the low winter sun caught in our eyes, blinding us with shadows and glitter. The air was still as though the year was holding her breath, and bird song was … Continue reading

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