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Fire in the Clouds

   It had been snowing on and off all day, lying on the high ground above the snow line. The shifting layers of snow clouds drifted carelessly across the sky without much drama, until the sun began to sink towards … Continue reading

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Dramatic Endings

   Fire and brimstone accompanied by thunderous claps marked the end of the Edinburgh International Festival, the very end of August and probably the end of summer. It was a dramatic statement in smoke and light, tumbling over the ancient … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Edinburgh

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from among the sparkling lights of Edinburgh. This tree always looks so beautiful in its dramatic setting on The Mound, overlooking Princes Street. It’s a gift to our city from the people of … Continue reading

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Solstice Edinburgh: Light in the Dark

So here we are, the longest darkest night of the year. From tomorrow onwards we will turn back towards the sun, and light and warmth will slowly creep back into our lives. In the meantime all of the beautiful sparkling … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Nights: Temple to the Arts

Sitting on The Mound in the heart of Edinburgh is a Grecian style temple dedicated to the arts. If it sounds out of place don’t be fooled. Physically this ramped road links the two halves of historic Edinburgh, the cramped … Continue reading

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Juxtaposition of Time and History

There are wonderful juxtapositions of layers of history, all around the ancient heart of Edinburgh. The famous castle, so emblematic of the city, sits on the core of an ancient long extinct volcano. Formed 340 million years ago, this rocky … Continue reading

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Edinburgh Christmas Lights

Here are some more shots of Edinburgh lit up for the festive season. It was pouring with rain on Saturday when I took these, which made the whole process of night shots even harder, but it did add some wonderful … Continue reading

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Edinburgh’s Christmas Market

I was struggling to find my Christmas spirit, so we headed into the heart of Edinburgh to see how the place had been decorated this year. I hoped that the bright lights and smiling faces would jump start my festive … Continue reading

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Symbols in Edinburgh

Wandering around Edinburgh, you will come across a lot of ancient symbols. They are carved into the stone of the old buildings, but are often overlooked, their meaning lost in the passage of time. Noticing and understanding the meaning of … Continue reading

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Light Rush

Light and leaves rush on Racing each other sunwards Cold wet stones catch them.

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