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Winters Light

The small winter sun shimmers low and weak. Unable to climb high into the sky, its warmth and light are quickly lost to sparkles at sea. Colour and flowers pass from the cold earth which holds her breath, waiting for … Continue reading

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Dance of Light

   The air all around us is filled with dancing patterns of energy, drunk in greedily by our bodily senses, searching for clues about the world. Each one of our senses is tuned to receive different waves of energy from … Continue reading

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Light in the Darkness: Solstice

   The year has slipped through the solstice in a flurry of darkness and wild winds here in Scotland. Last night the wind tugged and pulled at the corners and edges of the house, squeezing through gaps in windows and … Continue reading

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Weakening Winter Sun

   Everyday he glows a little softer, his light dimming as the year dips towards its nadir. All the strength and warmth of him is lost in the long deep shadows which skim across the earths skin. The air becomes … Continue reading

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Autumn Balance

The Equinox has come and gone, and yet summer light lingers on in soft warm pools. Shimmering within translucent pink petals, and in long streaks between the shadows. The light is low and long, reaching in and below awareness, touching … Continue reading

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Mananan’s Cloak

Mananans soft storm Clouds, mist and ocean swirl in Neither here nor there Edges blurred and gone Timeless cloak folds formlessly Hide and reveal light For all my fact lovers, these shots were captured from the shore in front of … Continue reading

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Solstice Edinburgh: Light in the Dark

So here we are, the longest darkest night of the year. From tomorrow onwards we will turn back towards the sun, and light and warmth will slowly creep back into our lives. In the meantime all of the beautiful sparkling … Continue reading

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The Importance of a 23.5 Degree Angle

The spot on earth where I live, rolls through a glorious procession of four clear seasons. We are far enough North here in the UK for the light to change a little every single day. I say lucky because it … Continue reading

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Late Light over Skye

When you visit Lochalsh and Skye one of the first things which will steal your artistic heart is the light quality. The clear air and the water all around, bounce this light in fascinating and incredible ways, leading to beautiful … Continue reading

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Ghost Light

The light poured out of the lamps, spilling into the fog of night Mingling with the swirling ghosts of the Abbey Illuminating the path of the Grey Lady. Centuries after burning in her fathers anger The lamplight guided her on … Continue reading

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