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Light in the Darkness: Solstice

   The year has slipped through the solstice in a flurry of darkness and wild winds here in Scotland. Last night the wind tugged and pulled at the corners and edges of the house, squeezing through gaps in windows and … Continue reading

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Solstice Edinburgh: Light in the Dark

So here we are, the longest darkest night of the year. From tomorrow onwards we will turn back towards the sun, and light and warmth will slowly creep back into our lives. In the meantime all of the beautiful sparkling … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle little Star

Our beautiful little winter sun, glitters and sparkles as it peeps over the horizon for a few hours a day. From where we stand in the northern hemisphere, the central star of our lives has dimmed and weakened so much … Continue reading

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Years End

As the year draws her last few breaths, the watery light of the sun leaks across the sky. With barely enough strength to lift his face above the green hills, he appears but briefly, before sinking back into his dark … Continue reading

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