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Life Directions

To embrace the unexpected bumps and turns of life, is to embrace life itself. Who knows what wild and wonderful paths it has in store for us, so enjoy the detours, they might turn out to be our highways. This … Continue reading

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Fairytale Towers

Fairy tales are full of slender towers of white marble piercing cloud filled skies. The lofty height of the spires sweeps our imagination up and away from the mundane world and into the creative space of dreams and stories. In … Continue reading

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Magpie Hoard

Paused in suspended earth sky space , Magpie hoarded treasures long to tumble, From the void, returning into life’s wild breath.

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Sea Rock Tales

Yesterday I was restless and yearning for light, so I headed off to the coast. The sea usually soothes me, but instead of being drawn to the waves, it was the rocks who were calling. They were full of interesting … Continue reading

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Winters last bite

Winter swirled back with a desperate last bite, and flung snow and ice with unending fury. We are smothered again in her white cloak, colour and life bleached from sight. Most peopled groaned and sighed “not again”, but all I … Continue reading

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Lost in the Woods

Will I stick to the well worn path, pressed into creation by the passage of thousands of feet before me? If I listen to my mother and all the wisdom of those who have lived long, I will. If I … Continue reading

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Junk Friends: Bad for your Health

Perhaps junk friends are as bad for your health as junk food.They can cause emotional distress and blockages, which are just as dangerous to your health as artery blocking cholesterol and fatty foods. Yet they carry no Government health warning. … Continue reading

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