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Connection to Self

   Sometimes when the noise and activity of life becomes too much, it’s good to turn away from it all and head to the hills. To walk further and further from the demands and needs of the world of others, … Continue reading

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The Achievement of Doing Nothing

Imagine a world where we could be proud of ourselves for relaxing and letting go. A world where being able to breathe out was applauded as a great achievement. In such a world we would see taking care of ourselves … Continue reading

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Refracted Venice Love

Venice bounces light and love into beautiful soft distortions, from it’s crumbling creamy plaster to its curvy colourful glass. Nothing looks quite the same in Venetian light, and reality and dreams merge into surreal and beautiful forms. These moments are … Continue reading

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Royal Relics

This wonderful characterful unicorn is part of a fairytale Scottish relic commissioned by King James V. It has stood in the central courtyard of Linlithgow Palace since 1538, just one year after the young Scottish King married the sophisticated and … Continue reading

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Shipwrecked Heart

We stumbled on the broken deck of a ship, cast far up on the sand and rocks. It was broken and smashed and yet still held its shape. Rusted iron hoops clung to the remnants of ropes long since rendered … Continue reading

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Persephone’s Heart

Buried deep within the core of each one of us, is our capacity to love. We need to use that capacity first on our relationship with ourself. Then like Persephone we can move safely through the places of light and … Continue reading

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St Giles to Greyfriars – Love and Devotion

This weeks collection of Edinburgh photos were taken between St Giles, on the Royal Mile, and Greyfriars graveyard, on what was the edge of the old walled city. As always in this part of Edinburgh, I came across lots of … Continue reading

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