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Infinities Pier

   Walk to the piers end Where infinity calls out Dive in and let go Summer will wash you Free and sunkissed freckles rise On hot apple cheeks

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Refracted Venice Love

Venice bounces light and love into beautiful soft distortions, from it’s crumbling creamy plaster to its curvy colourful glass. Nothing looks quite the same in Venetian light, and reality and dreams merge into surreal and beautiful forms. These moments are … Continue reading

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Plockton Dreams

Back in Edinburgh I’m dreaming of Plockton already. The wonderful clear light and picturesque reflections make it on of the prettiest villages in North West Scotland. It’s an artists and photographers dream, and they have been flocking to Plockton for … Continue reading

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Rock Razors

Mist and mountains merge, Softly blurring earth and loch. High rock razors loom.

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Pool of Earth

Between the tangled limbs of old trees Far down the known familiar path We stumbled through shadows And fell into light Pulled on by the spirits Dark pools of delight. The shadows we saw Reflected our faces With tooth nail … Continue reading

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On Stillness

As the days shrink ever smaller sometimes she seems to hold her breath as she rolls out towards the last light. Everything pauses for a moment as the sky fills with warm pinks, and the light folds itself into the … Continue reading

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Venice Night Lights

Night falls over the watery canals of Venice, and the reflections become luminous lines and wriggles. Street lights throw luminous pools across pavements and water, and upwards onto ancient brickwork and windows. A classic wooden speed boat lies gleaming in … Continue reading

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Cultured Reflections

Culture swirls in layers around us, and we catch sight of it from the corners of our eyes. What we’ve been exposed to in our younger years seeps into our creative unconscious, and little threads of culture are woven into … Continue reading

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Shadows in Glass

These twisted swirling reflections caught my eye as we walked past Haddington’s oldest church last weekend. It’s the Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin, and has been here since 1380.  Because the glass is very old it’s not machine … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I took this photo a few years ago, and love the vertical reflections of the masts. The boats are due to take part in a race later in the day, as part of the yearly regatta, and so soon the … Continue reading

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