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New Year Hopes and Fears

Thoughts on New Year Continue reading

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Symbolism of Doors

   Doors hold the essence of mystery, seperating two distinct areas, keeping things apart. They are a barrier, a boundary, which must be negotiated, before the threshold can be crossed. The mysterious beyond is hidden from sight by the closed … Continue reading

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Thresholds are magical spaces, which lie in between two places or states. They are neither one nor the other, but are a mixture of both at once. Because they are neither here nor there, they lie in the third place … Continue reading

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Windows between Worlds

This ancient window is the oculus in the roof of the Pantheon in Rome, and it allows air filled with light to fall into the otherwise dark interior of the temple. It gives the gods an eye to look down … Continue reading

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Fairytale Towers

Fairy tales are full of slender towers of white marble piercing cloud filled skies. The lofty height of the spires sweeps our imagination up and away from the mundane world and into the creative space of dreams and stories. In … Continue reading

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Focused Light

These two shots were taken in quick succession, as I lay on my stomach in the windswept golden grass. I liked the both, so was delighted that this weeks photo challenge asks us to focus on focus. It gives me … Continue reading

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Layers of my Neighbourhood – Edinburgh

  Edinburgh is a many layered city, literally built on its history. What we can see on the surface around us is only the latest addition. You can gently peel back the surface and reveal layer upon layer of our … Continue reading

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The Road

The Road The road beckons …Can’t you hear? Whispering promises of freedom from her tarmac tongue Softly into your waiting ear. The ribbon of her body rolls shamelessly on Promising whispers of adventure from her concrete curves Seductively into your … Continue reading

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Lost in the Woods

Will I stick to the well worn path, pressed into creation by the passage of thousands of feet before me? If I listen to my mother and all the wisdom of those who have lived long, I will. If I … Continue reading

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Process as a Russian Doll

Deep in the oak woods, something stirs. Tiny creaks and crackles fill the spaces between the air with gossamer wisps of sound.The sap hidden beneath the crusty crackled skin of bark begins its upwards journey towards the wooden finger tips … Continue reading

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