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Summer Mist

  Summer in the land of mist leaves veils scattered carelessly across the landscape. Whole mountain ranges and islands can be swept in and out of view in moments, as the mist drifts through, trailing mystery in her wake. Some days … Continue reading

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Symbolism of Doors

   Doors hold the essence of mystery, seperating two distinct areas, keeping things apart. They are a barrier, a boundary, which must be negotiated, before the threshold can be crossed. The mysterious beyond is hidden from sight by the closed … Continue reading

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Ancestral Marks

There are stones as old as time, which lie scattered across the high ground around Killmartin Glen. They are covered with furrows and grooves, with cups and rings, cut by the hands of our far distant ancestors. Men and women … Continue reading

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Wood Spirits

Deep in the woods, the air is still and hung with mist. The light travels through shadows, leaning in long slow lines, and blushing through the folding ferns. Spirits hover almost unseen, at the very edges of vision, gone as … Continue reading

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Mystery in Stone

We travelled as far North and as far West as you can in Britain, and we found the oldest mystery cast in stone. I have so much to tell and share, but for now this is a tiny taste of … Continue reading

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Gondolas of Venice

There is no escaping the elegant beauty of the gondola in Venice, whatever the time of day. Here I found them resting in their stalls like horses in the early morning. Still covered up against the night air, they begin … Continue reading

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