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A Ravens Tale

   Yesterday I wandered without a plan, deeper and deeper into the tangled woods. The path twisted and turned through unfamiliar corners, while I was lost in the distraction of my thoughts. As the weak winter light began to fade, … Continue reading

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Weakening Winter Sun

   Everyday he glows a little softer, his light dimming as the year dips towards its nadir. All the strength and warmth of him is lost in the long deep shadows which skim across the earths skin. The air becomes … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Sea

   Have you ever looked at rainbows in the sky and wondered where they come from? Well if you follow me today I’ll show you. I’ll take you to the edge of the rainbow sea, where the colours form and … Continue reading

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Storm Day

The golden light lingered endlessly on across the over ripe grass, barely noticing the clouds brewing themselves into a hug black bruise. Silently the dark energy gathered, a whisper rolling in unseen from the edges. The angry clouds blustered in … Continue reading

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The Birth of Magic

There’s a hill, just beyond the hill behind the last hill you can see, rolling away into the distance. On the breast of this hill magic is brewed each and every day. It rises in soft white and purple clouds … Continue reading

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Between Earth and Sky

Between earth and sky lies the ribbon of green which supports life, and brings beauty and joy to all who walk there. The dark earth nourishes the roots, and the bright sky brings light to nourish the green leaves. This … Continue reading

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Stone Wrinkles

Formed at the base of a warm coral filled sea, these beautiful wrinkled rocks proudly show us their marks of time. Once lapped by salty waves, they sit now high on a mountainside on the Isle of Skye. Far to … Continue reading

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Magical Skye Again

We visited the South West of Skye, and in the magical Glen Brittle, encircled in the black jagged rocks of the Coullins, we found a stone pyramid. Spilling from its base ice cold water tumbled over waterfalls and poured into … Continue reading

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Springs Inside Story

Her energy has been building, a deep pulse of life and colour, throbbing just below the surface. Contained by the old cracked, black and white skin of winter, she has been growing in hidden waves. Gathering colours and shapes for … Continue reading

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Tree Clouds

Clouds whisper thoughts And leaves whisper dreams On the edges almost everything is possible The lip of water meets the limit of sky And all we have ever imagined is birthed through kisses into life. A cloud of leaves and … Continue reading

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