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Autumn storms

   Summer has reluctantly released her hold, and the Caileach Bheur of winter has swept across the west coast of Scotland today. She has burnished all the grass copper and turned the sea a wild storm blue. All the old … Continue reading

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Cool Serenity

All night a wild storm had pulled and pushed the world, lifting tiles off the roof and snapping branches from the trees. The storm had a loud cold voice, and the windows had rattled in their frames as the snow … Continue reading

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Storm Day

The golden light lingered endlessly on across the over ripe grass, barely noticing the clouds brewing themselves into a hug black bruise. Silently the dark energy gathered, a whisper rolling in unseen from the edges. The angry clouds blustered in … Continue reading

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Walking in Storm Clouds

The warm stillness of the day had gathered in my bones, and I felt the urge to walk it out. I needed space, movement and freshness so I headed for the coast. The sky was filled with patches of white … Continue reading

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