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A Ravens Tale

   Yesterday I wandered without a plan, deeper and deeper into the tangled woods. The path twisted and turned through unfamiliar corners, while I was lost in the distraction of my thoughts. As the weak winter light began to fade, … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Sea

   Have you ever looked at rainbows in the sky and wondered where they come from? Well if you follow me today I’ll show you. I’ll take you to the edge of the rainbow sea, where the colours form and … Continue reading

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Reflective Isle

   Floating somewhere off the western coast of Scotland, and lapped by the salty sea, an enchanted isle drifts. Sometimes shrouded in soft mist and clouds, sometimes revealed by light, it captures the heart and lures us closer. There are … Continue reading

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White Deer Blessing

We walked up through the Glen, sheltered by the tall elegant figures of Scots Pines. The air was still and hushed with winters cold breath, yet filled with the clear scent of the trees and their pink light. Heading towards … Continue reading

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Swans Tales

The Loch around Linlithgow Palace was drenched in low golden light, and the shadows flowed like dark ink on the water. Bathing in the suns gold were impossibly graceful clusters of white feathers. Royal swans, as elegant as ballerinas, delicately … Continue reading

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Ocean Spell

Moonlight lapped the deserted shore as she slipped the once familiar furs over her cool skin. Her whole body released the tension she had held these past nine years. Her breath slowed as the oceans rhythm flowed once more through … Continue reading

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Sea Rock Tales

Yesterday I was restless and yearning for light, so I headed off to the coast. The sea usually soothes me, but instead of being drawn to the waves, it was the rocks who were calling. They were full of interesting … Continue reading

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