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Meeting Boundaries

   We stand in the middle of a world we feel we know, and within the known we can relax and soften. It feels relatively predictable and safe this known world we inhabit.  Yet pushing in around the edges of … Continue reading

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Stone Wrinkles

Formed at the base of a warm coral filled sea, these beautiful wrinkled rocks proudly show us their marks of time. Once lapped by salty waves, they sit now high on a mountainside on the Isle of Skye. Far to … Continue reading

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Spring Bounce

The sudden increase in sunshine, and the lengthening of the days produces a definite effect on all of us. As the flowers pop open all around us, and the sap rises in the trees, we can all feel a little … Continue reading

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Life Directions

To embrace the unexpected bumps and turns of life, is to embrace life itself. Who knows what wild and wonderful paths it has in store for us, so enjoy the detours, they might turn out to be our highways. This … Continue reading

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On Being Open

Petals flung open exposing heart and bones Careless shadows flung into plain sight Arteries dark secrets illuminated For those who are looking Her whole truth is visible Its shameful flaws bated traps Breathlessly holding her skirts ready But nobody runs … Continue reading

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Through the Mountains

We travelled North, up through the mountains which make up the rugged heart of Highland Scotland. The further we travelled the smaller we felt, until we were tiny specks of life in the midst of stone hills. Winter was still … Continue reading

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Winters last bite

Winter swirled back with a desperate last bite, and flung snow and ice with unending fury. We are smothered again in her white cloak, colour and life bleached from sight. Most peopled groaned and sighed “not again”, but all I … Continue reading

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Celebrating a Woman’s World

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover I’m a child, I’m a mother I’m a sinner I’m a saint……. I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one. (Alanis Morissette) We are very complex creatures, so knowing this we should … Continue reading

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Layers of my Neighbourhood – Edinburgh

  Edinburgh is a many layered city, literally built on its history. What we can see on the surface around us is only the latest addition. You can gently peel back the surface and reveal layer upon layer of our … Continue reading

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Junk Friends: Bad for your Health

Perhaps junk friends are as bad for your health as junk food.They can cause emotional distress and blockages, which are just as dangerous to your health as artery blocking cholesterol and fatty foods. Yet they carry no Government health warning. … Continue reading

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