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Wool Trail

We leave trails behind us as we walk through the world, but we often don’t realise. Tiny hints and clues reveal our path to those who know how to look.

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Winters last bite

Winter swirled back with a desperate last bite, and flung snow and ice with unending fury. We are smothered again in her white cloak, colour and life bleached from sight. Most peopled groaned and sighed “not again”, but all I … Continue reading

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Bridges to the Unknown

The Bridge Walk with me, onto the bridge If you dare. Leave the firm ground of your knowing, built methodically and carefully over your lifetime Leave the certainty of your soul pressed into the earth through your feet Leave everything … Continue reading

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The sun kissed the earth

The sun leaned in and kissed the earth yesterday, and just like that the warm soil seemed to spring back to life. The snowdrops were everywhere, glistening white against the dark earth, the promise of a flower filled Spring yet … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unique

Every moment is unique, it can never be repeated. Yet we forget this and much of our lives fly past without us even noticing. Taking the time to enjoy each unique moment as it unfolds deepens our connection, not just … Continue reading

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Snow upon snow

This week Skinnywench set weather as her word a week photo challenge. Initially I thought I had no photos of weather, but then I remembered that snow counts as weather, and another of my elemental galleries was snow on snow, … Continue reading

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Shadows in Glass

These twisted swirling reflections caught my eye as we walked past Haddington’s oldest church last weekend. It’s the Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin, and has been here since 1380.  Because the glass is very old it’s not machine … Continue reading

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Stone in Oceans Edge

Here is the second of my elemental galleries. Click here to see the first: Stone on Earth These stones rest firmly, while the oceans tides swirl in and out in wild abandon. The wind and the moon can whip the … Continue reading

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Here comes the Sun…..we hope

Well the weather has been so miserable here in Scotland for the past week, that I don’t think we have even seen a glimmer of sunlight. It’s not that it’s been raining all the time, but that the sky is … Continue reading

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Weekly Travel Photo Challenge – Transport

This blinged up speedboat made us laugh out loud when we spotted it cruising past us at super slow speed. We were in the middle of the exclusive and glossy glamour of Dubai Marina, and the bright unrestrained colours popped … Continue reading

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