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Chasing the dream

   We all move in and out of dream space each night and each morning. This movement between the conscious world of wakefulness, and the unconscious world of  dreams and symbolism is a transition between the known and the unknown. … Continue reading

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Shadows of Self

In Winter the shadows draw in around us, we notice them more and we yearn for the light of Summer. In psychotherapy we speak about the shadow, and it’s a wonderful metaphor which Jung came up with to describe the … Continue reading

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On Containing

All around us, everywhere, the world is filled with containers holding things within them. The bowl contains the oranges, the orange skin contains the segments, the segments contain the juice. Most things, ourselves included, are both containing, and being contained. … Continue reading

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Life Directions

To embrace the unexpected bumps and turns of life, is to embrace life itself. Who knows what wild and wonderful paths it has in store for us, so enjoy the detours, they might turn out to be our highways. This … Continue reading

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Fairytale Towers

Fairy tales are full of slender towers of white marble piercing cloud filled skies. The lofty height of the spires sweeps our imagination up and away from the mundane world and into the creative space of dreams and stories. In … Continue reading

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