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Chasing the dream

   We all move in and out of dream space each night and each morning. This movement between the conscious world of wakefulness, and the unconscious world of  dreams and symbolism is a transition between the known and the unknown. … Continue reading

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Oaks and Pig Tales

Down in the woods, autumn is breathing her frosts and mists across the leaves and grass. Bracken is turning orange, the beech trees are golden and copper leaves and nuts lie strewn across the forrest floor. But among the oaks, … Continue reading

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Silver Spirals

Lying on the shores of all the worlds oceans are sparkling silver spirals. Made from the dust of stars they speak an eternal truth. From the centre of the spiral life pours outwards in ever widening circles. An ancient symbol … Continue reading

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Symbols in Edinburgh

Wandering around Edinburgh, you will come across a lot of ancient symbols. They are carved into the stone of the old buildings, but are often overlooked, their meaning lost in the passage of time. Noticing and understanding the meaning of … Continue reading

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