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The Dawn

   The day shows herself Letting in light by layers Shade flees to the folds. Taken as the sun rose over the Plockton Crags on Good Friday morning.  Find more dusk and dawn images at WP weekly challenge ‘half light‘. … Continue reading

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Plockton High Tide

Although there are two high tides each day in the bays of Plockton, when the moon is new or full the water level is much higher. This full bowl of water gives wonderful reflections, and I caught this in the … Continue reading

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Plockton Dreams

Back in Edinburgh I’m dreaming of Plockton already. The wonderful clear light and picturesque reflections make it on of the prettiest villages in North West Scotland. It’s an artists and photographers dream, and they have been flocking to Plockton for … Continue reading

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Curvaceous Boats

These beautiful wooden curves are perfectly shaped to flow with ease through the water. A design almost as old as time, brought to these Scottish shores by Viking ancestors. Each plank is split from the body of a tree and … Continue reading

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Rainbow Coloured Highland Village

. I’ve been coming to Plockton since I was a baby, as my Granny owned the hotel. The doors of all the houses used to be left open, and I knew who lived behind each one. Even when I was … Continue reading

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My Vintage Day – Plockton

  Will you join me walking through my vintage day in the Scottish Highland village of Plockton? Take my hand and let the years slip away until you’re that age again where time has no meaning. You might imagine you … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I took this photo a few years ago, and love the vertical reflections of the masts. The boats are due to take part in a race later in the day, as part of the yearly regatta, and so soon the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Silhouette

This is taken beneath the shade of a big old sycamore tree, looking from Plockton towards the Applecross peninsula. I spent countless childhood hours in the branches of this tree and running through the meadow grass and wildflowers which stretch … Continue reading

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Edge of the Day

I walked this evening towards the setting sun, and it’s soft apricot light which filled the sky and made my heart ache with an unknown longing. It was as though I could feel the earth turning beneath my feet, and … Continue reading

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