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Snow Mounds and Cancer Care

These are some snow shots of the beautiful and inspiring centre which I have moved north for. Set in the heart of historic Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, they make a bold and challenging statement in the grounds … Continue reading

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Plockton High Tide

Although there are two high tides each day in the bays of Plockton, when the moon is new or full the water level is much higher. This full bowl of water gives wonderful reflections, and I caught this in the … Continue reading

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Full Ice Moon

Somebody asked me if I thought the moon had any effect on us. It was a great question, it made me smile, and got me thinking. My conclusion from the logical side of my brain is, why wouldn’t it. Look … Continue reading

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Full Moon Light

Prayer of the Desperate She had crawled here on her knees Over the sharp broken bones of her life. She had come to bargain with every god she had ever heard named. Bruised clouds closed around the moon Golden leaves … Continue reading

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