Fire in the Clouds

It had been snowing on and off all day, lying on the high ground above the snow line. The shifting layers of snow clouds drifted carelessly across the sky without much drama, until the sun began to sink towards the earth. Watching from the outer edge of an ancient hill fort, I saw the Suns fire catch in the clouds above the Pentland hills, beside Edinburgh. The flames moved as though through bone dry tinder, engulfing cloud after cloud into their wild bright heart. Brilliant and astonishing flames which caught my breath and held my eyes in unswerving awe, until the whole sky had caught fire. The beauty of a fire lit sky over snow clad hills left me smiling hours later at the bright memory, etched into my mind. Moment by moment it shifted, and in the shifting was the beauty, there to be breathed in with each passing moment. The fire of sunset clouds will never repeat itself in quite this way again, but I will climb this ridge again looking for new beauty each time. Thinking that we already know what something looks like can blind us to the fresh beauty of life revealed daily around us. Stay open, enjoy being surprised by what the day will show you, and try to drop the jaded assumptions that we’ve seen it all already! I had certainly never seen a sunset cloud fire quite like this one before.


As this wasn’t a planned photography outing I only had my iPhone with me. Lesson learned, take the camera always, as something wonderful and surprising is bound to turn up!

About greenmackenzie

Hi, I'm Seonaid, and I share my home on the shores of Loch Ness deep in the Scottish Highlands with my husband, my son and a couple of dogs. I love art which is here now and gone food and nature...but also have a passion for vintage and the ancient past! Nature is my favourite muse, with her wild ever shifting seasons. I have been using and teaching mindfulness and relaxation for over 12 years, and have yet to become any sort of expert :-) I'm a Psychotherapist and Cancer Support Specialist in Maggies Highlands
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51 Responses to Fire in the Clouds

  1. emmylgant says:

    Spectacular shots. Really.

  2. Such beautiful skies. What camera do you use?

  3. smackedpentax says:

    These are beautiful – well captured 🙂

  4. restlessjo says:

    That’s what I love about sunsets, Seonaid. They’re all different and you never know when the stunner’s going to turn up. 🙂

  5. LB says:

    Brilliant sky, beautiful shots!
    Whenever I make the purposeful decision to leave my camera at home, to try to see the world with my eyes and live in the moment, I almost always regret it!

  6. Magic! Wow takes your breath away! Thank you

  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Bursting with spirit and joy!

  8. gwynnrogers says:

    With all that is going on in my life, I can’t THANK YOU enough for this beautiful post…. just what the doctor ordered! Hugs… and THANKS!

    • Gosh Gwynn, I hope things are OK, and I’m always delighted to hear if a post catches just what one of my lovely readers needs at that moment…a little touch of serendipity is always wonderful to be part ofXx

      • gwynnrogers says:

        My husband ended up back in the hospital yesterday. He had three bad falls from passing out again. However, today, the hospital THINKS they have the answers to his problem. When he comes home he may literally become a CRASH TEST DUMMY… we’ll see. Thanks for your kind words!! Your post did bring cheer to my life!

      • Gwynn, I wish him a safe trip home, and hope you both manage to relax a bit. Sending you both much love💕Xx

  9. “Moment by moment it shifted, and in the shifting was the beauty, there to be breathed in with each passing moment.” Your words are so eloquent and profound and the images stunning!

  10. iPhone or no, these are beautiful images. You captured a perfect winter’s day with your usual flair and skill. 🙂

    • Very generous Kellie, and I think I really have to give the credit for creative flair to nature herself this time….my flair was perhaps arriving at just the right moment…and sharing!!

  11. StillWalks says:

    Beautiful photos and wonderful words – thank you 😄

  12. ladyfi says:

    Gorgeous colours in that sky!

  13. lori says:

    Your words and your photos are lovely.

  14. Gorgeous photo. Your iPhone did just fine. 🙂

  15. Another of life’s lessons. Thanks for reminding us all. I know about not having the ‘good’ camera along … Joanna is always after me to ‘Bring your stuff.’ Have a great day. D

    • I’m always reminding myself David, there’s always something fresh to be experienced….even in places we know very well! As for the camera, I think it will be a long while before I venture out without it again😆 Was down at the coast today in some lovely clear winter skies….with proper kit!

  16. You really captured the hope that can be each day.

  17. Rachael says:

    Stunning. I love that view out of Edinburgh. You’ve captured the energy of that sunset beautifully. xx

  18. Beautiful and strong sky !

  19. LightWriters says:

    W O W —- beautiful words & astounding skies!

    • Yes, it was an incredible sunset….what a shame I didn’t have my ‘real’ camera, but you get the idea😊 The longer shot clarity is better than the zoomed one! I just loved the contrast with those intense warm colours set against the snow clad hills!

  20. Colline says:

    The photos are stunning!

  21. Anabel Marsh says:

    iPhone or not, these are gorgeous images!

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