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Ice Heart

   Mountain heart of ice Casts her cold dead spell tightly Unwoven by Spring A cairn field high above Loch Garry, marking the passage of the thousands who visit the Scottish Highlands each year, travelling through the Cairngorms on this … Continue reading

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Brides Snowdrops

   Brides white followers Rising caped from frozen earth Melting hearts and soil Bride is the Scottish Goddess of Sunlight, Spring and Summer, and she emerges from winters frozen earth on Februaury 2nd, known as Latha Feill Brighde in Gaelic … Continue reading

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Wood Spirits

Deep in the woods, the air is still and hung with mist. The light travels through shadows, leaning in long slow lines, and blushing through the folding ferns. Spirits hover almost unseen, at the very edges of vision, gone as … Continue reading

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Between Earth and Sky

Between earth and sky lies the ribbon of green which supports life, and brings beauty and joy to all who walk there. The dark earth nourishes the roots, and the bright sky brings light to nourish the green leaves. This … Continue reading

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Pool of Earth

Between the tangled limbs of old trees Far down the known familiar path We stumbled through shadows And fell into light Pulled on by the spirits Dark pools of delight. The shadows we saw Reflected our faces With tooth nail … Continue reading

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