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Full Moon Light

Prayer of the Desperate She had crawled here on her knees Over the sharp broken bones of her life. She had come to bargain with every god she had ever heard named. Bruised clouds closed around the moon Golden leaves … Continue reading

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Mushroom Magic

Deep in the ancient oak woods a little sprinkle of magic has escaped. It’s sparkling in the leaves which are clinging on to the brach tips, quivering in the warm autumn breeze. And it’s popping up in wonderful shapes and … Continue reading

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Sweet Chestnuts of Roslin

Deep in the old woods of Roslin Valley there live two very ancient tree ents. In the green shaded light of the summer woods you can make out their limbs and faces, which have grown here for over 400 years. … Continue reading

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Silver Trees

The stars spin in wide circles Around the ancient bear. Far below Silver trees circle the mound Drawing promises and secrets from the deep. Stardust reborn as startling white limbs Dipping into the ocean of night Weaving new fates In … Continue reading

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Carved into the Future

This beech tree stands on the edge of the woods which spill away from the parkland gardens of the old abbey. It has been here a long time. It’s roots reach down through the same rocks and soil which covered … Continue reading

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Lost in the Woods

Will I stick to the well worn path, pressed into creation by the passage of thousands of feet before me? If I listen to my mother and all the wisdom of those who have lived long, I will. If I … Continue reading

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Process as a Russian Doll

Deep in the oak woods, something stirs. Tiny creaks and crackles fill the spaces between the air with gossamer wisps of sound.The sap hidden beneath the crusty crackled skin of bark begins its upwards journey towards the wooden finger tips … Continue reading

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